Brack Rayles

Visionary ... looking for problems and fresh ways to solve them.

Relentless pursuer of solutions to problems, mostly through web-based applications, looking to build/join a team of the best marketers, programmers and founders in Indiana or Colorado.
My professional goal is to help create 25 one-of-a-kind startups in 25 years. Being surrounded by the right talent is the only way to accomplish it!
Here are a few concepts I'd love to develop with you ...
  • A service concept for the entertainment industry, with a TAM of 8 million users worldwide.
  • An untapped history resource that could be included with Ancestry's line of resources.
  • A different approach to online image copyrights.
  • A new-ish concept in dorm room configuration using an existing product. The Indiana SOM is approximately 190,000 units.
  • A restaurant experience app.
  • A cause website/app designed to lessen the amount of trash.
  • A compilor website designed to help homebuyers find the right property based on a unique home dynamic.
  • A non-partisan government spending fix website.

Web Experience

For more than 10 years I've worked as a stay-at-home dad and self-taught web developer. I've built websites, back-end flat-file management systems, shopping carts and front-end applications with little more than Notepad++ and FileZilla.
My start in web development came in 2007 after hiring a company to build my first site. $27000 later, the site didn't function as I envisioned and the company I hired couldn't make it right.
This experience has taught me lessens about being lean, but more importantly, about being relentless in creating features until they worked! Here are a few of them.

Built originally for a non-profit publisher, this mini shopping cart compiles item titles and prices, then sends it directly to paypal for payment processing. Fill in the input fields with the number of each item you want and watch your shopping cart update automatically, all while staying on the same page.

Future updates should include responsive design(although its close), variable inputs for clients who want to make minor changes and possible cookie storage for multipage usage.


This Goal Widget is being used internationally by more than 150 organizations trying to raise awareness of their goals. It allows a website owner to input their goals into a client-side script, receive their custom code, and copy/paste into their website. It currently ranks No.2 in google search for "goal widget".

More development needs pursued in the form of new themes, and a switch should be made from iframe delivery to jquery script.


There are many versions of the profile overlay on facebook, and instagram has clearly created a phenomenon. This web-based version I created was used for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon as a kick off to their 2017 registration.

I also used this same code to develop, where I began offering it to other companies. Although development of the site has been non-existent for about a year, I believe this could become a tremendous resource to small and medium size companies looking for ways to drive more traffic to their respective websites.


A personal website project, has went through many iterations since 2007. Its simply a collection of statistics that I found interesting and wanted to share. I created a backend cms that allowed me to create a page and image, all from one input window. No graphics program necessary.


Another personal website project, was created using PHP's image processing. Users can input a personal text signature and PHP compiles them into a animated gif that can be used as email signature.

Here are a few client websites!, located in Osgood, Indiana recently modernized their Carnegie Library by adding new technologies, programs and an additional wing. They needed a fresh website to reflect an appreciation of their past, while providing modern technology to their constituents. This site is ready for its future with a sleek appearance and well organized content. Front-end uses HTML, CSS and Jquery. The back-end uses Jquery and PHP.


Local feed and grain business needed a fresh coat of paint. Using HTML, CSS, Jquery and PHP, this reorganized and beautifully-simple website looks great not only on computer screens, but also on mobile phones.


Six years ago I was challenged to organize the Monumental Marathon website. This site too has been through many iterations since I took over. Today, they are in the top 20 marathons in the country. For 2016, a CMS was installed along with a mobile-friendly version. Most of my work still exists.


in descending levels of experience.

Ideation, html, css, php, jquery, javascript, flat-file database creation, Google SketchUp, Gimp, WordPress, SEO, Photoshop, AutoCad, Microsoft Office Products, Photography, construction, Paypal Integration, Organization, Efficiency, StackOverflow, Landscape Architecture, Domain Name Sales, Graphics, Marketing, Facebook Graph, Google Maps API, MySQL, being President, Apple anything, app creation, other Javascript libraries, Java, C++, Twitter, Instagram, Ruby on Rails, Python.




Blake Boldon, former Executive Director of the Monumental Marathon - Indianapolis, Indiana

"Brack has been a tremendous resource and asset for the Monumental Marathon. He creatively tackles our ideas, implementing them efficiently and effectively. We consistently receive positive feedback from business partners and participants in our event about our website."

Kim Porter, Executive Director of the Osgood Public Library - Osgood, Indiana

"We enjoyed working with Brack on our new website. He listened to our needs, he asked all the right questions and he worked with us until we had exactly what we wanted. He is very responsive to our questions and requests. He provided us with a website that my staff can easily use and the feedback from our community has been very positive.

Kendal Miller, former Executive Director of Switzerland County Tourism - Vevay, Indiana

"I have worked with Brack Rayles in regards to the Switzerland County Government Website with my former employer and now as executive director of Switzerland County Tourism. Brack has been wonderful to work with, being both thorough and patient in creating and educating me on his website product. Brack's communication while walking me through his website design has been excellent, and he has followed through as promised on every occasion.

I've enjoyed utilizing The Switzerland County Government website for my employers. Not only is the site effortless to use but crisp and professional looking. To offer a community product that has the capability to accommodate both novice and advanced website posters in an easy-to-use format is quite remarkable."

Kim Gale, former Executive Director of Monumental Marathon - Indianapolis, Indiana

"Brack is a pleasure to work with. His knowledge and expertise in website design is invaluable. He meets deadlines and always delivers quality work!"

Dr. Charles Lake, Executive Director of Growth Ministries - Greenwood, Indiana

"Working with Brack on the creation of a website has been a most positive and pleasant experience. His patience and willingness to work with us has been remarkable. His rates are most reasonable and his promptness in progressing the work has been most commendable. We are very happy with his creativity, his knowledge of possibilities and most of all, the finished product."



I love hiking, creeks, rocks, chocolate and seeing my kids accomplish.

I enjoy watching TV, repurposing, politics, flannel, bogey-level golf, the NFL, and Andy Griffith.

I also possess a savant-level of sarcasm!

Last Updated: 11/14/2017